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Adrian Melrose in the UK is waiting for his new Audi Q7. I informed him about this incident and he adressed it on his blog (see link below). He contacted Audi UK who gave him an answer after 24 hours, saying that Audi Germany is aware of this incident and are doing some research on it.

Incredible, he already had a reaction from the English representatives of Audi, while the Belgian ones didn't even call me once or wrote any word at all to me about this, ONE MONTH after the accident.

I really hope to know very soon what their explanation is, as the UK representative says that there is more to say about this accident then published on the blogs. I'm really curious to know what they have to say, even if, as far as I know, the only thing they did until now was sending two guys on July 13th to see the accidented car and take some photos of it, spending a couple of minutes around the car.

No date has been proposed yet by Audi for the technical expertise (despite my insurer's and my lawyer's requests), so I'll keep you informed as soon as I know something more about it.


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