The cause of the accident


I promised you the photos of the wheel. You can see them in the right column (on its lower side). I finally understood what happened, what is the cause of the  accident. See the difference between the right wheel (where the incident occured) and the left wheel. The photos talk, ne need to explain. Mechanical default. The kind of incident that could happen to a car who has 200.000 - 300.000 km and which is not maintained properly. IS THIS NORMAL ON A BRAND NEW AUDI Q7 ??????????????

And, incredible but truth, the Belgian Audi guys called me finally today (I head to write it on my blog to give them the occasion to react !).

They seem to believe that it would be normal that no air bag or seat bealt "pre-tensioners" (not sure about the right word in English) worked, because the choque was not completely frontal (take a look at the photos and you'll see that the car first hit with its right corner, then with its left front side).  And the sensors on the right doors when the car (2.5 ton) felt on its right side ?

So a (brand new) car at 130 km/h looses its right wheel on the highway when driving straight forward, because of a mechanical default, becomes completely uncontrollable (the brake circuit also got interrupted as the oil tube getting to this wheel also broke), gets out of the way, hits the lateral hill, fells on its side, and it would be normal that no security system worked. What its the use of such systems then? But anyway, let's wait, the technical expertise will obviously happen on August 23rd. I'll keep you informed, of course.

And by the way, the guy who keeps the car told me today that the Audi guys already came three times to see the car. And guess which photo they also took in the car: of the pizza box  who remained in the car (could this have been the cause of the accident ?) 

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Photos are difficult to understand Can you explain what the photos are trying to show? Its hard to tell what caused the accident.

Gepost door: Adrian Melrose | 02-08-06

tja moderne autos.....kwaliteit is gewoon niet meer wat het was, op elk onderdeel besparen ze.

Gepost door: johan | 03-08-06

Pictures to small ! If you think that the Wheel was the problem - so why - the pics are way to small to see the "cause". Also if the casue is the Wheel - i don´t think you can blaim Audi for that ....

Gepost door: steve | 29-08-06

Dear Steve, I hope you saw the large pictures now... ... and you understood the subject of the discussion about "the wheel". Within two weeks from now, I hope we'll get the answer from the University of Ghent (Belgium), who have been requested to analyze the casting parts that broke. Regards.

Gepost door: aurel | 08-09-06

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