Expertise only next week on Tuesday August 29th


You will not believe it, but the expertise has been delayed. All the concerned parties were there last Wednesday (Audi Belgium, the insurance company, myself), but they didn't think about the fact that the auto had to be transported from outside to the inside of the garage (it has no wheels in front, you remember)... Yeah, we're not in the USA or in the UK, we're in Belgium. They expected maybe that I would carry the 2.5 ton vehicle myself. So, a little more patience until next week !

I can hardly imagine sometimes that I am (or maybe used to be) an Audi client. How can I still believe in Audi's skills and brand when I see the way they handle this: no contact until now from any customer relationships manager, only their technical experts (they maybe be nice, but it's not their business to take care of their clients). Or maybe is it so different here in Belgium? Yet the AUDI dealer here is a listed company. Where are their values? I can hardly imagine the USA guys or the UK guys acting like this towards their clients (Adrian had a reaction from a PR AUDI guy in the UK within 24 hours and here in Belgium they didn't call me at all until now, almost two months after the accident).

Maybe they do not care about this. Yet, when I recall what happened with the A-klasse from Mercedes some years ago...  This brand new Audi Q7 lost its wheel on the highway without any external reason. Do all Q7's risk to have such an incident?

Will I ever dare driving an Audi again? Or a Q7 (I really found it a very nice car, otherwise I wouldn't have bought it). Currently I'm afraid every time I see one in the street and I try to keep a certain distance, because I continuously think about what happened to us and see again in my mind the car flying away of the highway... I'm currently loosing all confidence in Audi. Will they be able to explain everything and convince me to ever drive a Q7 again? I don't know... They do not give me the impression that they really bother...

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Your getting the same as I got from Volvo. I had an xc90 and it blew up on us - sudden fire - less than 1 minute to get out of the car - and in 5 minutes car was gone. Volvo have done exactly what Audi are doing - and the reason is that they think no one will sue them - due to weaker laws than in USA.

I'm really sorry to hear about your similar "life and death" experience - and would love to post my pictures of the volvo somewhere too.

At the moment our case continues however volvo still dont send anyone to inspect the car properly - nearly 1 year now since our incident and they have no respect for the situation. They even sent a letter to my lawyer stating that they thought we were "lying" about a report we had done on the car..

Our car was 6 months old and had been plague with electrical faults - and the fire was the culmination of this...

We were going to get a q7, however we have decided to cancel out of it now (we were supposed to get one in September) and now were glad :)

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Make an own blog with your Volvo XC90 If you make an own blog with it, I'll put a link on my blog to it. The Volvo XC 90 is indeed an alternative to the Audi Q7, I had also taken a look at it last it, before hearing that Audi would get the Q7 on the market (and I was seduced by this auto and by the nice stories they tell about its safety). And you see what happened. I think who ought to inform people about this kind of things, because we all stupid customers just believe the stories they tell and then think we'll all safe if we put all mobey we have in it in order to have all possible safety options. While it doesn't finally seem to be as safe at all!

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