The story goes on (for them, because I think I have my own conclusion already)


Finally, it happened. All involved parties were there with their technical experts (Audi Belgium, the insurance company), a legal expert and me. All parts agree that something broke :). This made the right wheel go away :).


After removing more parts of the car, they all seem to agree that it broke on the arm that’s mounted on the wheel. There were no signs of an external collision with an unidentified object. They all took photos. Me too.


The experts decided to send the two “twin” parts to the University of Ghent, to let them analyze and say which part broke first and why it broke. I came home, completely disappointed, because we didn’t come to any final conclusion. Still have to wait. For them it doesn’t matter, it’s just a case among others. For me it really matters.


More than that, they weren’t able to read the data in the chip of the car (it was also damaged). The technical guys from Audi wanted to take it away and send it to Germany, but the expert of the insurance company didn’t allow this, because he wants to have the final conclusions on the cause of the accident first (it’s not his problem that the airbags didn’t work).


That’s life, I still have to wait.


BUT I THINK I CAN SEE IN MY OWN PHOTOS WHAT THE PROBLEM WAS (thank you Nikon D200!). I post some photos on this blog today. One can see very easily (maybe not with the photo resolution allowed on this blog) that there was an internal defect in the metal piece that broke on the right wheel. Photos with a higher resolution are available, send me an E-mail to aga@robelco.be and I’ll send them to you if you want. The part I initially thought it caused the accident was only a follow-up of the first part that broke. I also corrected this on the blog. Yet one of the existing photos (the one with the broken wheel on it) had already the wrong part on it.


They go on with their story. Let them go, they have time to spend on this. Yet, once again, I’m very curious to see if the Audi Customer Relationship or PR guys will do anything now (they have their own photos). Once again, their attitude seems at least strange to me. They seem to forget that A CLIENT has paid several tens of thousands of euros to buy a new car with a wrong part in it. They do not seem to care about the fact that two people could have lost their life because of it. Do they really bother for anything actually? I’m not sure.


I have a little surprise for you for tomorrow. Some shocking photos a friend sent to me about another Audi Q7 accident. I’ll post them tomorrow. Keep in touch!


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Thanks for keeping this up to date if you can, could you update the other photo's so we can see them at larger size.

Thanks for the link and the quick corespondence.


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