Good news (for you) - higher definition photos available


Click on any of the 4 new photos in the right column (my explanation of the accident) and you'll get those photos directly in a higher definition. I'll also add links on the other photos the next days. 

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Thanks goodness your ok. Me again.

After seeing the close up photos I'm shocked at the quality of the casting... Even the Xc90 had better suspension quality than this??

Quick question - was your car "steel sprung" or "air sprung"... My comment is based around the fact that the 2 cars are totally different in suspension (as far as I can make out).

I'm so glad we didnt go with this expensive car!!! - seeing what happened to you has made me glad we took a long weekend test and found other problems for our family using the car. Seeing that your getting similar treatment to me at Volvo does make me glad I didnt become a mug second time around also.

Again, glad your ok and so sorry this happened to your car... I empathise completely.

Gepost door: peegee | 30-08-06

one point I noticed from your photos?? You had the 20" wheels ???

If so did you order the car with those - or was this a base model and the wheels were possibly added at dealership?

From posts on the audi sight - there are changes required to allow 19 and 20 inch wheels to work with the suspension - if they had forgotten to make those changes to the suspension for the 19/20 wheels - then could that have led to a fatigue situation...

Gepost door: peegee | 30-08-06

Steel sprung or air sprung I suppose it was air sprung, since it had an adaptive air suspension. About the wheels, I still have to look at the tires. The insurance technical expert seemed also impressed about the lightness of the part that broke.

Gepost door: aurel | 01-09-06

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