Photos of ANOTHER Q7 accident (very impressive)


Here are the links to some photos another contact sent to me. I really do not want to open another subject about other accident on this blog (because I'm not sure about the fact that they are true, even I cannot see why they wouldn't be), but I notice one detail (?) on this photos, namely the fact that the airbags didn't work neither, even if you can see that the vehicle had a lateral collision. This could seem once again normal for a technical expert (maybe), but when do these airbags finally work? I'll try to get more information about this other accident (obviously occured on June 14th, 2006) en try to get in touch with the owner of the car. I'll post more information if I can get it.

In between I'm working in order to allow you to download higher resolution pics. I hope it will be done today or tomorrow.

Still didn't get any sign from Audi CRM or PR. Maybe the guys in Belgium really do not care. But the guys in Germany? DO THEY REALLY NOT BOTHER AT ALL?



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dunno man... I'm not suprised that Audi has not officially said anything about your accident. I am however suprised (and dismayed) that they have not contacted you in an attemt to at least ease your situation while they investigate.

These new pictures however, I'm not convinced they are supporting your case, from what I can tell it looks like the car was sliding along the guard rail rather than impacted it. Imagine that for some reason you get up against the guard rail at freeway speeds and you're desperately trying to keep control of your vehicle and get it to a stop... Now imagine that the airbags go off; it would almost certainly result in you loosing control of the vehicle resulting in a much worse accident...
I know it _looks_ on the pictures like the airbags should have deployed... but it really is a fine line.

Gepost door: Martin | 31-08-06

Agreed, airbags should not have deployed From looking at the pictures, it doesn't look like the airbag needed to be deployed.

Gepost door: Chester | 05-09-06

You may be right, guys, but... ... please wait until I get in touch with the owner of that vehicle. About my case, we'll have to wait for the analysis of the cast parts that broken (I hope no longer than two weeks from now) and only after that Audi will eventually take the electronic box away from my ex-Audi Q7 and try to read its contents, in order to check if the collision level has been sufficient to trigger the airbags.

Gepost door: aurel | 08-09-06

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