Photos of ANOTHER Q7 accident (very impressive)


Here are the links to some photos another contact sent to me. I really do not want to open another subject about other accident on this blog (because I'm not sure about the fact that they are true, even I cannot see why they wouldn't be), but I notice one detail (?) on this photos, namely the fact that the airbags didn't work neither, even if you can see that the vehicle had a lateral collision. This could seem once again normal for a technical expert (maybe), but when do these airbags finally work? I'll try to get more information about this other accident (obviously occured on June 14th, 2006) en try to get in touch with the owner of the car. I'll post more information if I can get it.

In between I'm working in order to allow you to download higher resolution pics. I hope it will be done today or tomorrow.

Still didn't get any sign from Audi CRM or PR. Maybe the guys in Belgium really do not care. But the guys in Germany? DO THEY REALLY NOT BOTHER AT ALL?



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Good news (for you) - higher definition photos available


Click on any of the 4 new photos in the right column (my explanation of the accident) and you'll get those photos directly in a higher definition. I'll also add links on the other photos the next days. 

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The story goes on (for them, because I think I have my own conclusion already)


Finally, it happened. All involved parties were there with their technical experts (Audi Belgium, the insurance company), a legal expert and me. All parts agree that something broke :). This made the right wheel go away :).


After removing more parts of the car, they all seem to agree that it broke on the arm that’s mounted on the wheel. There were no signs of an external collision with an unidentified object. They all took photos. Me too.


The experts decided to send the two “twin” parts to the University of Ghent, to let them analyze and say which part broke first and why it broke. I came home, completely disappointed, because we didn’t come to any final conclusion. Still have to wait. For them it doesn’t matter, it’s just a case among others. For me it really matters.


More than that, they weren’t able to read the data in the chip of the car (it was also damaged). The technical guys from Audi wanted to take it away and send it to Germany, but the expert of the insurance company didn’t allow this, because he wants to have the final conclusions on the cause of the accident first (it’s not his problem that the airbags didn’t work).


That’s life, I still have to wait.


BUT I THINK I CAN SEE IN MY OWN PHOTOS WHAT THE PROBLEM WAS (thank you Nikon D200!). I post some photos on this blog today. One can see very easily (maybe not with the photo resolution allowed on this blog) that there was an internal defect in the metal piece that broke on the right wheel. Photos with a higher resolution are available, send me an E-mail to aga@robelco.be and I’ll send them to you if you want. The part I initially thought it caused the accident was only a follow-up of the first part that broke. I also corrected this on the blog. Yet one of the existing photos (the one with the broken wheel on it) had already the wrong part on it.


They go on with their story. Let them go, they have time to spend on this. Yet, once again, I’m very curious to see if the Audi Customer Relationship or PR guys will do anything now (they have their own photos). Once again, their attitude seems at least strange to me. They seem to forget that A CLIENT has paid several tens of thousands of euros to buy a new car with a wrong part in it. They do not seem to care about the fact that two people could have lost their life because of it. Do they really bother for anything actually? I’m not sure.


I have a little surprise for you for tomorrow. Some shocking photos a friend sent to me about another Audi Q7 accident. I’ll post them tomorrow. Keep in touch!


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Expertise only next week on Tuesday August 29th


You will not believe it, but the expertise has been delayed. All the concerned parties were there last Wednesday (Audi Belgium, the insurance company, myself), but they didn't think about the fact that the auto had to be transported from outside to the inside of the garage (it has no wheels in front, you remember)... Yeah, we're not in the USA or in the UK, we're in Belgium. They expected maybe that I would carry the 2.5 ton vehicle myself. So, a little more patience until next week !

I can hardly imagine sometimes that I am (or maybe used to be) an Audi client. How can I still believe in Audi's skills and brand when I see the way they handle this: no contact until now from any customer relationships manager, only their technical experts (they maybe be nice, but it's not their business to take care of their clients). Or maybe is it so different here in Belgium? Yet the AUDI dealer here is a listed company. Where are their values? I can hardly imagine the USA guys or the UK guys acting like this towards their clients (Adrian had a reaction from a PR AUDI guy in the UK within 24 hours and here in Belgium they didn't call me at all until now, almost two months after the accident).

Maybe they do not care about this. Yet, when I recall what happened with the A-klasse from Mercedes some years ago...  This brand new Audi Q7 lost its wheel on the highway without any external reason. Do all Q7's risk to have such an incident?

Will I ever dare driving an Audi again? Or a Q7 (I really found it a very nice car, otherwise I wouldn't have bought it). Currently I'm afraid every time I see one in the street and I try to keep a certain distance, because I continuously think about what happened to us and see again in my mind the car flying away of the highway... I'm currently loosing all confidence in Audi. Will they be able to explain everything and convince me to ever drive a Q7 again? I don't know... They do not give me the impression that they really bother...

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Expertise confirmed for August 23rd, 2006


Finally, after long discussions with the Audi experts and the insurance company, the date of the expertise has been confirmed : August 23rd. I'll certainly keep you informed. Come along and visit my blog Wednesday evening or Thursday morning. 

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Incredible, Audi UK say already now that there was no manufactural fault, even before the expertise in Belgium


See hereafter the comment I've just posted on Adrian Melrose's blog about Audi Q7. Incredible, they really dare !!!!!!!


"Dear Adrian,

As you already said, there are always two sides of a story. You had the chance to have that one of Audi UK, and I really hope for you that you'll not have any problem with your new Audi Q7. You have to know that the expert from the insurance company who came and saw the car has only had a mission to confirm the fact that the auto has been totaly destroyed. The technical expertise between Audi Belgium, the company insurance AXA and ourselves will only take place on August 23rd. So they're really telling you what they want to tell. I'll post more news on my blog after the expertise the real one). They tell you that the accident wasn't caused by a manufactural default. How can they say this while they weren't allowed until now (and it will not be the case before two weeks from now) to come into the vehicle, before the technical expertise. Don't forget that if they say that it is normal that the airbags didn't work, do they also think that it is normal that a car looses its wheel just like that, after 6 weeks, without any impact at all. I wish you luck with your new Audi Q7 anyway."

See hereafter the incredible message Adrian posts on his blog, following the contacts he had with Audi UK (see his blog www.q7blog.com for more information):

"Anyway, chatting with this person, I learnt that an independent insurance assessor had examined the vehicle in question and had confirmed that…there was no reason to believe that the accident was a result of a manufacturing fault.

I am pretty happy with this result as a prospective owner. Quite frankly I never believed there to be a QA fault - I have had such an incredible experience with my A6 and this can only happen with a precise and well managed QA process. So well done Audi and thanks for caring enough about your brand and customer to be so proactive and helpful. From my point of view, I am sorry that my Belgian correspondent suffered such an accident, but hope he understands that I think the word of an independent insurance company is sufficient enough for me to “sign this off”. I also discussed with Audi UK about the alleged airbag failure and judging from the photos, I have to say that I agree that the impact wasn’t full-frontal and therefore it was reasonable not to have expected the airbags to trigger. At the end of the day, the Q7 in question suffered a serious accident and both occupants are alive and well. Surely that counts for a lot?

I think its only a week or two before my Q7 arrives. Before then, a post or two dedicated to the fantastic A6 Avant I will trade-in against the Q7 (sniff…)"

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The cause of the accident


I promised you the photos of the wheel. You can see them in the right column (on its lower side). I finally understood what happened, what is the cause of the  accident. See the difference between the right wheel (where the incident occured) and the left wheel. The photos talk, ne need to explain. Mechanical default. The kind of incident that could happen to a car who has 200.000 - 300.000 km and which is not maintained properly. IS THIS NORMAL ON A BRAND NEW AUDI Q7 ??????????????

And, incredible but truth, the Belgian Audi guys called me finally today (I head to write it on my blog to give them the occasion to react !).

They seem to believe that it would be normal that no air bag or seat bealt "pre-tensioners" (not sure about the right word in English) worked, because the choque was not completely frontal (take a look at the photos and you'll see that the car first hit with its right corner, then with its left front side).  And the sensors on the right doors when the car (2.5 ton) felt on its right side ?

So a (brand new) car at 130 km/h looses its right wheel on the highway when driving straight forward, because of a mechanical default, becomes completely uncontrollable (the brake circuit also got interrupted as the oil tube getting to this wheel also broke), gets out of the way, hits the lateral hill, fells on its side, and it would be normal that no security system worked. What its the use of such systems then? But anyway, let's wait, the technical expertise will obviously happen on August 23rd. I'll keep you informed, of course.

And by the way, the guy who keeps the car told me today that the Audi guys already came three times to see the car. And guess which photo they also took in the car: of the pizza box  who remained in the car (could this have been the cause of the accident ?) 

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High definition photos of the car available


If you want to receive (one or more of) these photos, send me en E-mail to aga@robelco.be and give me your E-mail adress. You'll receive them if you wish. I still have to get the photo of the right wheel, so that you can also see what happened to it.

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Some news + an interesting link


Adrian Melrose in the UK is waiting for his new Audi Q7. I informed him about this incident and he adressed it on his blog (see link below). He contacted Audi UK who gave him an answer after 24 hours, saying that Audi Germany is aware of this incident and are doing some research on it.

Incredible, he already had a reaction from the English representatives of Audi, while the Belgian ones didn't even call me once or wrote any word at all to me about this, ONE MONTH after the accident.

I really hope to know very soon what their explanation is, as the UK representative says that there is more to say about this accident then published on the blogs. I'm really curious to know what they have to say, even if, as far as I know, the only thing they did until now was sending two guys on July 13th to see the accidented car and take some photos of it, spending a couple of minutes around the car.

No date has been proposed yet by Audi for the technical expertise (despite my insurer's and my lawyer's requests), so I'll keep you informed as soon as I know something more about it.


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Click on this link to see how it should have worked



What a big difference between the story told by the constructor and the reality we could discover ourselves :((

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