Hope to get the results of the technical analysis within 2 weeks


It normally takes approximately two weeks to get an answer on such a technical request as the one addressed by the technical experts to the University of Ghent (about the broken casting parts). I hope that Audi will also inspect the electronic box of the car after this, to see if the collision level was sufficient to trigger the airbags.

I do not want to discuss here the last recalls of Audi about the Audi A8's (October-November 2005 and August-September 2006) with regard to airbag problems, I'm not sure if they're related to the airbags problem in my Audi Q7, yet if someone knows more about this, please post a comment.

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English translation of the article about the Audi Q7 that burned in Croatia


A friend from Slovenia gave me the translation of the article (thank you, Gregor). In a few words, it says that "a Bosnian registered Audi Q7 caught fire by itself due to technical fault. The fire started on the electrical wiring between the car's battery and the engine. The whole front part, the interior and a part of the roof are completely burned down in the fire. Damage amounts to a total of approximately 50000€. There was no response from Audi representatives in Croatia, Bosnia or Germany."

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Still no other news available about our accident


As no news are available about our case (the concerned broken casting parts were sent last Friday or will be sent today to the University of Ghent), I post two new topics I discovered on the Internet:

- first being an accident occured two years ago with a Lamborghini Murcielago (Lamborghini being 100% Audi owned), where the attitude of the manufacturer seems quite similar to our case (Martin, the victim, after being heard several times in court, finally sent a letter to Audi last Monday, let's see if he'll have any reaction on this). Read his story on his site : http://www.lambounfall.de

- second being the fact that an Audi Q7 burned in Croatia, by the end of August 2006, while simply parked. I only have a link to a Croatian newspaper (sorry, but I'm not capable to translate the text, if one of you can do it, please send the translation to me at aga@robelco.be): http://www.jutarnji.hr/dogadjaji_dana/clanak/art-2006,8,22,samozapaljenje_terenca,39862.jl

P.S. About the other accident for which I posted the links to the photos in my previous thread, I know now where it happened and try to get in touch with the owner. I'll also post on this blog more photos of my Audi Q7, photos I took during the tehnical inspection of last week. I remember you that all photo's are available by request (send me an E-mail to the E-mail address mentioned here above).

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