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As we all have to wait for the result of the analysis of the University of Ghent, I posted some additional photos taken during the technical inspection (see photos in the right column). You'll understand what it really means when Euro NCAP crash test says there is (used to be ?) a problem on the Audi Q7 because it had a rupture that occurred during the test in the driver's footwell in a frontal test (my daughter knows the result of this).


Take also a look at the last photo and see the difference in colour between the two broken surfaces, meaning that there was a problem on the darker side (see detail in photo above in the same right column), while no existing problem seems to have existed on the other rupture surface.

As I do not want to be always negative, here are two photos of my ex-Audi Q7 when it was still alive (no it's "still life"). Yes, it existed indeed and it was a nice car:




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Did you order a new car? If yes, what type is it? I'm curious about this because I'm looking myself for a new car, and I believe your security type of prerequisites would be more or less the same as mine do.

By the way, I wonder why it takes that long to get the results from the University of Ghent.

ps1: Hope both your wife and daughter heal well and completely. It must have been horrible to see this happen in your Renaults mirror.
ps2: Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

Gepost door: Swake | 13-10-06

Thanks, Swake Hi Swake,

I ordered indeed a new car, I chose for a Mercedes R-class, 3.3L CDI 165 kW (long model). I am not sure anymore of the safety of any car at all, given the accident we had with the Audi Q7, so I cannot say if the Mercedes is safer then other cars.

Everybody says now that, also thanks to my accident, the Audi Q7 will be a much safer car within some months, I also think it will be the case if you see the result of the Euro NCAP crash test, with the problem of the welding that caused a broken leg to my daughter and the reaction of Audi saying that they were aware of this problem and that they have already solved it (they didn’t even say thank you or excuse me for this).

I do not have the final explanation about the fact if it was really normal that the airbags didn’t work, I don’t know if I’ll ever have the explanation, if Audi will ever take the electronic box from the car and inspect it in order to see if the threshold of the choke was sufficient enough to command the airbags. The car is in the garage of the dealer where I bought it, since the technical inspection of August 29th 2006, but the insurance company has forbidden them to dismount it before knowing anything about the result of the analysis of the broken metal casting parts at the University of Ghent.

I really think that nowadays it is really a question of chance or bad luck when you buy a car, even if it is a relatively expensive car as an Audi or a Mercedes.

The problem is that we, as costumers, are really not protected at all against the power of such big corporations, certainly here in Europe (the American laws give much more advantages to the victims), since they have no obligation in doing the necessary research in such situations, when a potential technical problem could have caused the accident. And this is not a normal situation at all. Imagine the victims of an airplane accident (or rather their relatives in such case) having to prove themselves that a technical incident caused ther airplane crash, or that the pilot didn’t hit a bird before crashing with the plane.

I heard last week in France about a case where a Volvo was involved, seven years ago, in an accident, where a woman lost the control of her Volvo, and, unhappily in that case, killed two children, because of a technical problem with her car. The judgment finding Volvo guilty for this was only finished after seven years, so you can imagine how our rights as customers are protected in similar situations in the European Union.

About the delay in the reaction of the University, I really cannot explain this, they had the choice between two Universities, Ghent and Liège, here in Belgium, they (Audi Belgium and the insurance company) chose for Ghent and now everybody’s waiting.

Thanks for your comment anyway and for your nice words. My wife and daughter are well now so we all try to forget this nightmare.

Last Friday I went back on the place of the accident in France and found a lot of broken parts near the highway. They were spread on something like 50 meters near the highway, before and up to the place itself where the car finally crashed against the hill. This really confirms that it broke before the final crash, which is normal as the wheel got loss and hit and broke everything under the car before getting completely away, obviously at the moment of the final crash.

It was indeed horrible seeing this happen in my mirror when it happened begin July 2006 and I can assure you that also getting back on the place of the accident last week, after more then 3 months, was like going back to a grave.

Best regards,


Gepost door: Aurel | 16-10-06

They should have got it right first time. Thanks goodness for people like yourself - and organisations such as Euro Ncap...

It will be safer in weeks or months doesnt wash though. It should have been safe at day 1.

This alone gives me a huge headache in trusting audi in future. Especially when you see whats happened to other models and cars like Lambo's.

Overall they get 1 out of 10 for honesty and effort in my book.

Regs to all.

Goodnight, Goodluck!

Gepost door: confused | 18-10-06

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