Meeting scheduled for next Tuesday, October 31st, 2006, at the University of Ghent, with all the involved parties, in order to hear the result of the research on the broken casting parts. Keep on touch!

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Whatever are the results I hope that taxpayers' do not have to pay for the inspection.

Gepost door: Jacques | 24-10-06

tax payer pays for the injurys and accidents caused anyway If you dont understand the dynamics here butt out. The authorities pay large sums when there are accidents on the road - some monies are captured back thru insurance but most of the cost of fire, ambulance, hospital etc come from public purses eventually.

I think if we get a result from our learned experts at Ghent then no doubt this cost will save lots of money in the long run.

Overall I'm impressed that Audi are willing to attend in person - certainly Volvo havent even bothered to show same faith.

Gepost door: peegee | 26-10-06

ik volg nog altijd je verhaal en hoop dat er goed nieuws komt! in ieder geval is het zeker goed te weten wat de mogelijke oorzaak zou kunnen geweest zijn zodat je verder kan met de zaak. Succes ! Patrick

Gepost door: patrick | 28-10-06

Thank you, Patrick I do not know you, Patrick, as I do not know most of the other visitors of this site, but I'm very happy to see people coming from all over the world to take a look at my blog and stay informed about this story.
Visitors from Brazil, Panama, Mexico, all over USA, Canada, South Africa, all over Europe (including Finland - hallo “Jaq” :), Canaries Islands, Kuwait, Russia, Australia, Malaysia, India, Hong Kong, Taiwan, you’re all welcome, be sure that thanks to you I do not feel alone in this unfair struggle.
For all the ones who do not understand Dutch, I’ll translate Patrick’s commentary:
“I still follow your story and I hope there will be good news! Anyway it is certainly good to know what could have been the possible cause so that you can go further with your case. Good luck! Patrick”

Gepost door: Aurel | 29-10-06

Not pushing, but next tuesday was yesterday ;-)

Any news?

Gepost door: Jens | 01-11-06

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I've got to see for more updates in the future. Anyway, thanks for the info..

Gepost door: oscar | 07-12-10

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