Meeting scheduled for next Tuesday, October 31st, 2006, at the University of Ghent, with all the involved parties, in order to hear the result of the research on the broken casting parts. Keep on touch!

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No news, new photos


As we all have to wait for the result of the analysis of the University of Ghent, I posted some additional photos taken during the technical inspection (see photos in the right column). You'll understand what it really means when Euro NCAP crash test says there is (used to be ?) a problem on the Audi Q7 because it had a rupture that occurred during the test in the driver's footwell in a frontal test (my daughter knows the result of this).


Take also a look at the last photo and see the difference in colour between the two broken surfaces, meaning that there was a problem on the darker side (see detail in photo above in the same right column), while no existing problem seems to have existed on the other rupture surface.

As I do not want to be always negative, here are two photos of my ex-Audi Q7 when it was still alive (no it's "still life"). Yes, it existed indeed and it was a nice car:




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There has been a guy, a certain anonymous “Jaq” or “Jacques” (and who only identifies himself with these nicknames and with an E-mail address) who has been posting a lot of comments on the previous article on my blog over the last weeks. Hereafter follows an open letter I send to him today via this blog.

I have to inform you that I do not have any news at all about the result of the technical analysis done by the University of Ghent, where the broken casting parts have been sent by the experts from Audi Belgium and from the insurance company (plus the legal expert), the only experts who did the (only) official technical inspection I know about of our wrecked Audi Q7, on August 29th, 2006.

Please feel free to post your comments on this article on my blog, and give your opinion about this strange “Jaq”, about his comments and about his way to express them. If I chose to make this blog and make our accident public on the Internet, it was not in order to attack the manufacturer on this, despite their strange lack of response and my deception as a customer about their attitude, but in order to inform other people about this kind of strange accidents (even if they remain singular) which can happen with a new car.


“Jaq”, I hope you get a nice pay to lie like this


1) You’ve been repeating over the last weeks the same lie as the one told by Audi since begin of August 2006, since I began with my blog, about the accident we had on July 1st, 2006 with our brand new Audi Q7:

-         first time they said this was by Audi UK to Adrian Melrose - see article he posted on August 5th, 2006 on his site www.q7blog.com (by the way, “Jaq”, I see you post the same comments full of lies on his blog too, shall I give you a list with all forums where people discussed about in Europe about this accident, so that you could spread your lies everywhere?)

-         and for the second time written by Audi AG Germany in a letter to … Jens !!!, sent by Audi AG on September 6th, 2006 (as answer to an earlier letter Jens sent to them by the end of August with regard to our accident). Here is what they were writing to him – free translation of Jens, which he sent to me by E-mail on September 12th:

o        “I received a letter from Audi dated September 6th. A Dr. P.G. writes to me that he was asked by Prof. W. to answer my letter. Basically besides some nice wording about me being a precious customer ;-), they state that:

The accident is known to Audi AG.

They cannot confirm that the accident is caused by a material fault to be within the responsibility of Audi AG (which does not - as I read it -means  that it couldn't be the fault of a third party, e.g. the manufacturer of the specific part)

They state that the accident itself was reviewed by an independent expert who found no responsibility of the Audi AG.

They state that there is no action required by either Audi AG or your insurance.

I do hope that the university can find something looking at the broken part and I would be really interested what comes out in the end.

My educated guess is though that the University will find that they cannot tell the initial cause and Audi will do nothing and your insurance will buy you a new car. At least in Germany this would not be a bad guess.....

Take care and my best wishes for your family. Maybe one day we meet up with the new cars!.”

I post today on my blog the only official document I have received until now, coming from an official insurance expert. As I was saying here above, there is still no answer from the University of Ghent (at least none I was informed about). Here is the link to this document:


It is in Dutch, it was sent to us on July 25th, and it follows the first official analysis done by an insurance expert on July 12th, 2006, one day after that the day the vehicle was brought back to Belgium (Audi knows about the accident as from that day of July 11th, 2006 too, as the guy who sold me the car from the garage also came along to see the car on that same day).

This document says (free translation from my part, to be confirmed please by any Dutch speaking visitors who read this blog) that he has been designated as an expert by the insurance company to see the damages of the car, that he considers the car as being totally destroyed and that he asks us to send him the official documents of the car and to remove all not original accessories from the wrecked car. He also says that he’ll ask prices in order to sell the wreck.

THIS IS THE ONLY OFFICIAL STATEMENT COMING FROM ANY INSURANCE ASSESOR THAT MADE AN INSPECTION OF OUR CAR. Audi never informed me or the insurance company until now about any other expert having analyzed the car.

“Jaq”, you want to remain anonymous and only sign your comments with “Jaq” or “Jacques” and give your E-mail address as being jaquesdelamarche@gmail.com.

You seem to know more – or at least want to give this impression - and repeat all the lies told or written by Audi. You (and sometimes Audi too, as you can read here above) keep saying that there has been “an independent insurance assessor” who saw the car and said that the accident could not be a result of a manufacture default. I would say that the comments from Audi I know about, as written here above, are more prudent than yours, they keep a certain reserve in their statements, which is normal, while you’re stating facts in your comments, just as if you were there when the accident happened or as if you personally saw the car.

I invite the visitors of this blog to view all comments you posted on this site on the previous article and judge themselves if their content and their impolite and aggressive tone is appropriated for such a communication. If you are a fan of Audi or of Audi Q7, no problem for me, I still think it is a nice car, otherwise I wouldn’t have bought one. But if you attack me by spreading all kind of comments, I cannot accept such an attitude.

If there has been another “independent insurance assessor” that saw the car and gave such an opinion as the one you and Audi talk about, please send it to me and I’ll put it on this blog. Until then, I consider this as being a lie and invite you at least to post your entire coordinates so that people eventually know who you are. I gave all my coordinates on this site and I gave everybody the possibility to know who I am, because I have no reason to hide myself.


2) You seem to take Jens as an allied to sustain your “point of view”. I do not think Jens agreed with this, maybe he did, maybe he didn’t. Please find anyway hereafter the first comments Jens sent to me by E-mail on August 30th, 2006, the day when he sent his letter to Audi AG:

I have read your website about the accident with your Audi Q7. First of all let me express my sincere wishes for the health of your wife and daughter.

I have ordered a Q7 3.0 TDI for my wife and children in May and the car will be delivered in a few weeks. I am concerned about the accident and the possible material defect causing the fault of the car's suspension.

Being a metallurgy engineer myself I can judge from your images that a material fault in the cast part is definitely within the range of my imagination.

Therefore I have just sent a fax letter to Prof. W. at Audi in Ingolstadt stating what happened to your family and asking him to assure that such a fault cannot happen to the car that will be delivered to me, before I will pick it up.

If I ever get an answer, I will let you know”.

Once again, I do not know who you are and/or if you’re paid by someone to act like this or you’re just a poor guy who doesn’t have anything else to do with his time than spreading his special thoughts on the Internet about our accident.

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