Jens was right: this will remain a very strange story

The University of Ghent delivered yesterday a very professional report. Being an engineer myself, I was really impressed about the quality of their analysis.


They didn’t find any clues that showed that the parts they analyzed were the cause of the accident.


They found some manufacture defaults on the part coming from the right wheel, but it was obvious that that part didn’t break at that point because of that default (at least not by fatigue of the metal). They couldn’t say if the design of the part took into account such inherent casting defaults, this was not their task and they didn’t have the resistance calculations of the manufacturer of the part.


They couldn’t explain either the different colors on the broken surface.


They didn’t find any external impact on the parts. No external impact was found under the car during the technical inspection on August 29th either.


So why did the wheel break? No one can say.


The other question that stays open: is it normal that the airbags didn’t work? It is currently not possible to answer this question either, as the insurance company does not agree with taking away the electronic box in order to let it analyzed.


From all this strange case, I’m only sure about one thing: my daughter got a broken leg because of the welding default that Audi admitted following the EuroNCAP crash test.


All the rest remains a mystery.


I’m also sure about one other thing: the System is not right. One cannot handle as a simple person this kind of complex and difficult cases, in order to find and prove himself/herself the cause of such an accident. This is why experts are there for. And sometimes even they seem to fail in finding the right explanation.


I’m disappointed, bitter, but in the same time very calm. There are limits to everything. I had a lot of certitudes in my life (and in this case too), which seemed to be not true afterwards. I’m pleased about one thing: today November 1st, I do not have to go to the cemetery to bring flowers on my wife’s and daughter’s graves. And this is the only thing that matters for me today.


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