Before getting in detail with the new Audi Q7 « event » of 2008, let’s see what happened since begin November 2006, when we stopped updating this blog. Let’s begin with other manufacturers, as I always said that Audi is not the only manufacturer having this kind of problems or behavior. - In 2007, a Chinese driver had an accident with his S350 Mercedes, the airbags didn’t work. Read this story via this link: http://news.windingroad.com/countriesmarkets/china/chinese-man-vows-to-only-drive-cars-built-in-china-after-crashing-mercedes-s350/ - After a horrible accident of June 1999, where two kids of 9 and 10 years were killed, Volvo was condemned in January 2008 to pay a fine of 200 kEUR (accident due to brake problems);see French written article via this linkhttp://news.caradisiac.com/Volvo-condamne-a-200-000-EUR-844  - new incidents and accidents with several Lamborghini Murcielago’s (Lamborhini being 100% owned by Audi): see Martin’s blog http://www.lambounfall.de/lamborghini_murcielago_crash.html  - I bought myself by the end of 2006, after our Audi Q7 accident, a BMW 5 Touring (break) that had rain water coming inside because of a factory error when mounting the drains of the sunroof (BMW recognized their fault and repaired it) and a Mercedes R class that was only delivered after almost 5 months delay while ordered as a car in stock (human error of the commercial guy – Mercedes put replacement car at our disposal, for free, over the whole waiting period). The article of tomorrow will handle more specific news about Audi and about its Q7 since November 2006. Until then, some additional photo’s to compare 2008 to 2006 cases:           2008                                                                  2006

 P1050176Accident Audi Q7-04


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