AUDI AND THEIR “PREMIUM” Q7 MODEL SINCE 2006 UNTIL NOW: “VORSPRUNG DURCH TECHNIK”? (Audi’s slogan is indeed “Advance through technology”)

Sorry for the delay of this new article, I’ve been traveling abroad for some days and had no time to write it. Please keep some patience, still a couple of days to wait before reading all details about the new Q7 accident of this 2008 spring. In between, some words about the evolution of Audi and of its Q7 model since 2006 until now.  Some testimonials about certain Q7’s: 

-          Johan P (Belgium – E-mail testimonial): in November 2006, he had his Q7 since April 2006 and had already got the following problems: car delivered with defect lights at the rear en some other electronic problems. Johan brings the car back to the C. garage in Leuven (Belgium), where the car is being given back to him, without those problems but with the following explanation “we found nothing, everything was all right”. A lot of strange noises when he drove the car and when driving above a slow ramp. No electricity anymore on the battery when not driving the car for 7 days. Problems with the pneumatic suspension and the rear drive camera that do not work always.

 -          France (web testimonial of 2 July 2007): got his Q7 on 12 December 2006, after 15 days gets back to the dealer that sold the vehicle to him, complaining that the car was strangely deviating   to the right, the dealer said “don’t worry; we’ll see this at the first technical inspection”. He kept on driving for another two months, after that he observed an abnormal abrasion of the right front tire, the dealer cannot solve the problem, suggests him to drive another 1500 km; he refuses and asks the dealer to replace the tires under warranty. Telephone disputes over 15 days, he finally gets the acceptation of the dealer to replace under warranty the tires of his 70.000 EUR vehicle that had driven only 10.000km.  Recuperate his car, but once again, nothing goes right, despite 5 times at the service and 3 controls and adjustments of the wheel geometry, the car still deviates at the right and strange vibrations occur at the driving wheel…

Link to this web comment (in French): http://www.ciao.fr/AUDI_Q7_TDI_AVUS__Avis_1014970

 -          France (web testimonial of 28 October 2007): Q7 owner since December 2006, has not driven off-road nor hit any obstacles (!). First he had some water from the washer fluid flowing into the car and destroying the carpet. After 15000 km, no battery any more. Electrical problems with the radio, DVD and the lights of the dash board. The car deviates to the right. Right front tire suffers abnormal wear and tear by 19000km. Thinks the car is very comfortable but much less reliable, hopes Audi shall handle this problem seriously, as his opinion was that he thought Audi to be a responsible brand. Link to this web comment (in French):http://www.ciao.fr/AUDI_Q7_TDI_AVUS__Avis_1062880 

-          Italy/December 2007-April 2008 (E-mail testimonial): Tom M. orders his new Q7 directly in Germany as he had heard that some cars delivered outside Germany had problems. Tom begins to drive it in December 2006. After 2000 km, he feels uncomfortable vibrations when using the brakes. Audi replaced the discs in warranty. Yet, after another 2000km, the same happens again. Audi refuses to replace the discs again, arguing that it happened “because of the driver’s style”. Tom writes a letter to Audi in Ingolstadt and tells them that he’ll ask for a survey by SGS and TUV and that he plans to launch a legal case in Germany. The manufacturer accepts to replace the discs again. Tom is still arguing with them today, the Italian dealer where he brought the car does his best to try to solve the problem, at the last meeting they had with an Audi inspector, this one told them that this is due to the so called shimmy effect (shimmy = shaking or vibrations of a vehicle's front wheels from side to side due to problems with tire alignment or suspension). Tom is currently waiting for the dealer to buy a machine that allows solving the problem. To be continued.

-   Web article about an Audi Q7 accident with a truck on 5 January 2008 in Romania: no airbags have worked. See photos of this accident:

Accident Audi Q7 Romania 5 January 2008 - photo1

 Accident Audi Q7 Romania 5 January 2008 - photo2
Accident Audi Q7 Romania 5 January 2008 - photo3

Link to this web article (in Romanian): http://www.piticstyle.ro/2008/01/06/zapada-multa-zapada/  -          Netherlands (web testimony on 7 January 2008): when bringing his car to the dealer for a control, a Q7 owner gets informed that an abnormal clearance was found at the right front wheel. It has been found at the articulation between the handle bar and the wheelhouse. The car had not driven a lot and the driver has driven it softly. It was too early to have this kind of problems, this incident raises questions. The defect part was going to be replaced in warranty. Imagine what could have happened if the handlebar got loss from the wheel house. It should not left much together from the front wheel and the whole suspension.Link to this comment on the Dutch blog www.autoblog.nl (see down on that page, the comment of 7 January 2008): http://www.autoblog.nl/archive/2006/08/30/een-ontevreden-ex-q7-rijder#comment-1246422 -          A guy I work with  who got possession of his Q7 almost in the same time as me also informed me that his Audi Q7 already had two recalls at the dealer, out of the normal periodical technical inspections. I do not know if this has been the case for more cars delivered in the beginning of the delivery period of the Q7 model (March – July 2006). Maybe some of you can confirm this (please leave your comments by pushing on button “Reacties” here under). And some words about the company itself and its “premium” Q7 model: -          number of produced Audi Q7’s during the first 2 years: 72 169 units in 2006 and 77 395 units in 2007-          the Q7 model represents some 7,8% of the total number of the yearly production of Audi-          my statistics about similar accidents to ours, occurred during the first 2 years existence of this model: 0,13%-0,14% (related to the 2006 – 2007 production)-          after 5 financial successful years as CEO of Audi, “prof MW” (CEO of Audi during the dispute about our accident of 2006) got promoted as CEO of VW (by the end of 2006)-          one of the first things “prof MW” did as a CEO of VW was closing a big part of the VW factory in Brussels where more than 50% of the personnel lost their jobs (begin 2007)-          at the head of Audi, new CEO “RS” runs the business since begin 2007; does he have a new attitude towards similar accidents as ours? Read this in the next article on this blog. The next article will give you the details about the new accident of an Audi Q7. Until then, I can disclose another photo of the 2008 accident, near one of the similar 2006 accident:  2008                                                                                                2006

P1050175                                   Accident Audi Q7-03

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