To all those who have an Audi Q7 or dream about having one: is this new Audi Q7 accident of March 2008 really surprising? Read the present article such as the previous ones of April 2008 and get your own conclusions...


March 14th, 2008 / 9:30 - The story and the photo's (click on the photo's hereunder to enlarge) of the 2008 Audi Q7 accident

July 1st, 2006 / 17:30 - The story and photo's (click on the photo's hereunder to enlarge) of the 2006 Audi Q7 accident

P. was driving on a highway in F. (at approximately 130 km/h), cruise control activated. At a certain moment, she slightly pushes on the brake, in order to deactivate the cruise control. At the same moment, the car instantly deviates to the right (absolutely no obstacle on the way). P. tries to recuperate control and to turn the vehicle to the left, the vehicle obeys for a very short instant but then it slides again to the right, outside of the highway, falls in a 6 m deep ravine near the highway and rolls over three times before it stops completely. One wheel has got completely loss, while the other one also got deformed. Just like in the 2006 accident, the articulation of the broken wheel is missing (lost somewhere at the site of the accident).


While driving on the highway in France (at approximately 130 km/h), the front wheel on the right side got loss (absolutely no obstacle on the way), stayed for a while under the car while the car went in one move to the right (the wheel pushed the interior side of the car inside breaking the leg of my daughter). The right wheel also got deformed, while the car was sliding to the right. The car flew into the outside landscape then hit (almost) frontally the land hill, obviously first with the right front side and immediately afterwards also with the left front side. It went then up to an angle of approximately 45 degrees, then fell back on the ground and hit it first with its right corner at its bottom, then fell completely on its right side.


It was a S-Line model TDI 3.0 l (233 HP), 7 seats. 5 months old vehicle, only 10.000 km.


It was a model TDI 3.0 l (233 HP), 7 seats. Weight of approximately 2.5 ton. 6 weeks old vehicle, 6.000 km.


No airbag deployed, even if the car was equipped with all possible airbags proposed by the manufacturer.


The frontal airbags didn't work (neither because of the frontal choke, nor because of the seat belts), the lateral ones neither, when the car (2.5 ton) fell on its side. The car was equipped with all possible airbags proposed by the manufacturer.


I do not know exactly which object from the inside of the car hit P.'s face, but I can assure you that after 2 weeks, her left eye had the same marks and colors as my wife's left eye in 2006.


As if this was not enough, the central internal mirror also got loss at the moment of the choke and hit the head of my wife, who was driving the car.


P.'s husband, Christophe, is very happy that his wife and their 2 years old boy - who was in the car with his mother - survived the accident. Happily the little boy was not on the passenger's seat - you'll understand why if you look at the photo of that part of the vehicle - see photo hereunder.


I'm very happy that my wife and my daughter survived to this very severe accident (the car has been very normally declared as a total loss), these two members of my family being relatively lightly injured (broken sternum for my wife and hit on her head and broken leg for my daughter).


Audi puts a new Audi Q7 to the disposal of P. and C., 2 weeks after the accident (upgraded Avius pack model). Audi 2008 vs. Audi 2006: different CEO, different attitude?


Audi do not propose any assistance to the owner or the injured persons and only calls the owner to get some news after the first article was published on our blog.




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HI, In the period you had your accident I was waiting on the delivery of my Q7 and I was very interested in what would follow, so finally in december of 2006 I received the car and 37.000km later I can only say I'm haapy with it as I had not a single problem with it! However I had a VW Touareg the 2.5 years before the Q7 and that car was TROUBLE all the way, there wasn't a month that I didn't had to visit the service center with a scala of problems. So all in all I think you just have to be 'lucky' with your car no matter what brand you choose, important surely is to have a good VAG dealer with competent personnel ! just wanted to let you know this, and I appreciated the fact that you brought all this to our attention !! take care, groetjes, Patrick, Bonheiden

Gepost door: patrick | 16-04-08

Dear Patrick, thanks for your reaction which is very correct, just like your 2006 comments on this blog.

I’m very happy for you that your Audi Q7 is “still” OK and I wish you good luck further with this vehicle.

Yet be careful, because neither the P&C family nor we had had any problems at all with our respective Q7's before the accidents.

At least I think you know by now which technical parts you always have to let checked, every time you go to your service center. Just do not forget it!

But I still consider that the consumer should be much better protected in the European Union of the 21st century, meaning the obligations of the car manufacturers (and their liabilities) should be legally much tougher, at least during the period of guarantee of their product. You certainly know what I mean by that when you think about the problems you had with your previous VW Touareg.

I think this blog or other similar actions of other people are not necessary meant to say that this model of vehicle is s..t, it goes about informing other consumers know about the risks they take when buying such a vehicle and also making people aware of the weaknesses of the European legal system of consumer protection.


Gepost door: Aurel | 18-04-08


al sinds de levering van mijn Q7 hoor ik af en toe een zeer zware klop aan het voorwiel, soms ook als ik rem. Ik heb me steeds voorgehouden dat dit niet erg kan zijn en waarschijnlijk wel mijn verbeelding was. De wagen rijdt verder perfect, buiten het irritante geluid van het glazen dak. Ik zou me nu graag veilig stellen en aangetekende brieven verzenden, zodat ik ten eerste mijn vrouw en kinderen met gerust gemoed in de wagen kan laten rijden en ten tweede dat de fabrikant zich moeilijker kan verschuilen wanneer het fout zou lopen.
Kan U mij helpen aan adressen waar ik me tot kan richten?

Audi Q7 november 2007

Gepost door: Fritz | 22-04-08

Dear Fritz,

Please allow me first of all to translate your text for our friends living outside Belgium (then you can read my answer here under):


Ever since the delivery of my Q7 I hear now and then a very hard knock at the front wheel, sometimes also when I brake. I always said to myself that this cannot be a serious issue and that it was my imagination. Beside that, the car rides perfectly, excepting the irritant noise of the glass sunroof. I would like to set me safe and send registered letters, so that first of all I can leave my wife and kids drive in this car with a safe feeling and in second place to avoid that the manufacturer can hide him self if it goes wrong.
Could you help me by providing me addresses where I can direct my letters?

Audi Q7 November 2007”

And now my answer:

First of all thank you for reacting on this blog. Secondly, I’m not sure that any registered letter would set you and your family safe in case of accident. I think you should write that registered letter to the dealer where you bought the car (you should have that address yourself) and then send it also in copy to Audi’s CEO, Rupert Stadler, at Audi’s address in Ingolstadt:
AUDI AG Ingolstadt
D-85045 Ingolstadt
Describe the problem you have and write also very clearly that you have read (I assume after buying your own car) about the accidents and the technical incidents with this model and that you ask them to immediately do the necessary research in order to find the problem on your car and to solve it asap, in order to avoid such accidents as those that already occurred. Tell them that you shall hold them responsible in case any accident happens to your vehicle due to technical problems of the vehicle.

And then also prepare yourself for a long fight. First of all, in order to be stronger in case of problems, stop the legal protection you maybe took in your car insurance policy and take a separate one (for instance ARAG does this in Belgium) with a different insurer. This will give you some more force to fight against them all if an accident occurs. Believe me, this is essential, if I had this when my accident occurred, I would still be fighting against them now in the court.

Kind regards and please be careful when driving your Audi Q7 of November 2007; I also bought it thinking that the models of this manufacturer were very safe. And the result was different !


P.S. For more information, call me on my mobile or send me an E-mail (see my coordinates in one of the first articles on the blog).

Gepost door: Aurel | 24-04-08


My car is back from the dealer, I did the explanation of the strange noise I sometimes hear when driving. They were immediatly minimalising that fact just until I spoke about the two others that lost their wheel....
The tension at the dealership was a bit weird, they came closer and spoke a lot quieter. They acted surpised ans said that they've never heard of it before..... yea right.
So everything is checked and no problems where found, the explanation of the noise is as following. They said the loud knock sometimes are my brakeshoes (after breaking backwards) that are one their highest position and then giving a knock when putted in their lowest position (by braking when driving forward). We'll see.
My putting us safe reaction was offcourse only the financial view. Wife and kids are driving another car from now on. My disbelieve is so incredibly high when I read your story, any normal company replaces this without a hassle. When this company is the huge VW group it's even crazier. I'm unhappy with the fact that such an accident (now 2) doesn't follow in a call back. It would be great for your case if Q7 owner all over the world write a letter asking their dealership to check the specific pieces that may caused these accidents... Let's hope that my Q stays a quattro.

Gepost door: Fritz | 25-04-08

links of london bracelet At least I think you know by now which technical parts you always have to let checked, every time you go to your service center. Just do not forget it!

Gepost door: links of london bracelet | 29-06-10

I always think why people drive recklessly if they know the consequences of that !!! I also use audi q7 sice two yrs bt it is jzt awesome... so u pppl shuld must keep ur car updated wil all aspects and also update urself with all aspects on the road!!!

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